Limerick will host some of the world’s top chefs, restaurateurs and food influencers as part of the Food on the Edge chef’s symposium.

Food on the Edge is a coming together of chefs to listen, talk and debate about the future of food in our industry and on our planet. It attracts food enthusiasts from all over to world who want to create a better global network and challenge people’s perception of food to make it accessible to everyone.

As part of the event, Limerick will be the base for a two-day excursion for some of the most renowned chefs in the world, who will sample some of the best food that Limerick has to offer.

Supported by the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Limerick, the excursion will be a unique opportunity for some of Limerick’s best food and drink producers to showcase their produce to some of the most influential foodies around the world.

It will also allow the chefs and restaurateurs a chance to see the process for themselves, highlighting the provenance of food, which is becoming more and more important with consumers.

As part of the excursion, a special dinner for the chefs, restaurateurs, food media and influencers will be held in the Limerick Strand Hotel to sample some of the best of local produce served by the hotel’s award winning chef Tom Flavin.

Limerick has seen a major growth in its food sector over the past number of years, with world class produce being produced and served on our doorstep.

Central to this growth has been the Limerick Food Strategy which aims to grow the reputation of the Limerick food system’s products and capabilities, improving its ability to respond to changing market needs and enhancing its attractiveness to investors.

The decision by Food on the Edge to base itself in Limerick for its two-day excursion is testament to the growing reputation Limerick has when it comes to food and drink,

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Cllr James Collins said: “It’s a great honour to welcome some of the world’s best chefs to Limerick. Being at the heart of the Golden Vale, food production has always been an important industry for Limerick. In the recent history, we have been home to the various pork companies in the city, while Limerick Ham is still one of the best in the world. I’ve no doubt our visitors will find Limerick an enticing destination for food and drink and hopefully this will encourage them to source from our wonderful local producers.”

Eamon Ryan, Head of Enterprise with Local Enterprise Office Limerick said, “We are delighted to be able to host the Food on the Edge delegates here in Limerick.  The theme of the symposium is ‘Conversations’ and this is a great opportunity for these world renowned chefs, restaurateurs and key food industry influencers to begin a conversation about Limerick and experience first- hand the incredible food and drink that is being produced here. “Through the work of the Food Strategy which was published in 2016, Limerick has developed into a thriving foodie destination producing, serving and selling the finest, high quality, locally made and grown produce. We look forward to giving these visitors a true taste of what Limerick has to offer.”

(Post from press release)